Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What size does the photo have to be?


The photo should be at it's largest resolution possible to obtain the best quality print.

Send your photo through and we'll advise if suitable.

Please note that files less than 200KB are generally to small to print, especially those taken with phones or copied from the internet and Facebook.

A general guideline for jpeg files are as follows:
30 -120 piece puzzles - files should be greater than 0.5MB
252 piece puzzle - files should be greater than 1MB
500 piece puzzle - files should be greater than 1 MB
1000 piece puzzle - files should be greater than 2 MB

Q? What type of file should the photo be?


We can use either a jpeg or pdf files....please don't send word documents, powerpoint, png or gif files.

Q? Will my photo fit the puzzle shape?


Each puzzle size has it's own template with set dimensions, as listed.

The 30, 120, 252 & 1000 piece puzzles are a rectangular shape like a standard photo.

The 500 piece puzzle is a square shape so your photo would have to be resized to fit.

This means the edges of the photo would be cropped off, please be aware of this this when selecting the puzzle size for your photo.

We can do simple resizing of photos for you at no extra charge.

Q? What if people are close to the edge of photo I want to use?


We require about 10mm around the edge of the photo for cropping during manufacture. If important parts of the photo are close to edge we can add a border which will be partly cropped away during manufacture. Please note we line up the cutting of puzzles by hand but cannot guarantee an even border all the way round.

Q? What if I have a number of photos I want to turn into a montage?


You can supply a photo collage which fits the puzzle dimensions as listed, or we can produce a collage of photos and forward for your approval before manufacturing the jigsaw puzzle. Any editing/design is charged at $65/hr + GST, quotations are available upon request.

Q? How long does the puzzle take to make?


Once payment has been received your puzzle will usually be made within 48 hrs and posted thereafter.

Same Day Manufacture is available for an extra $7.50....please note you need to order and pay before midday to receive this service.

Q? How long will my puzzle take to arrive when posted?


Depending on where you live standard postage will take 2 - 5 working days

Express Post is available to express post networks for $15, please advise if you require this service.


Q? What if my jigsaw puzzle doesn't arrive?


Jigsaw Puzzles are posted in Parcel Post Plus packs with a tracking number. If your puzzle doesn't arrive please advise and we can instigate an investigation with Australia Post. You will need to sign a document stating you didn't receive the package.

Q? What if a puzzle piece is missing?


Our puzzles are manufactured in a closed system and vacuum sealed so it is not possible to lose a piece during this process.

When the seal is broken and box is opened we can not accept responsibility for a piece that goes missing, and cannot replace a single piece.

Q? How long does it take to receive my puzzle?


Unless there are complications your puzzle will be posted with 24 hours of us receiving an acceptable image and payment from you.

Q? Can I have a puzzle created from a photo?


You can send us a photograph which we scan to create the image. Usually some quality is lost in the scanning process. A digital image will usually give a much better result.

Q? How do I send my image to you?


Upload your digital image on the last page of our Order Form.

Otherwise you can email the digital image (if less than about 12MB) or post us a CD/DVD or USB memory stick.

Q? What size image do I need to send you for a puzzle?


It depends on the size of the puzzle but generally, the highest resolution that you have is best.  For smaller puzzles images do not have to be large files but for 500 and 1000 piece puzzles high resolution is essential.  The quality of the image is also important, the clearer the image the better the result.  Please contact us if you are unsure of your image suitability.